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Google Duo Instructions

Installing and signing in to Google Duo

If your video appointment uses Google Duo you will first need to make sure you have Duo installed on your Android device.

You will also need to make sure you are signed into Duo using your mobile phone number and it has been verified. In the Duo app click the three dots in the top right, go to Settings and then Accounts, and make sure your mobile phone number is listed. Do not skip mobile phone number verification or the Doctor won't be able to call you.

Please click the link below for more instructions on installing and signing into Google Duo with your mobile number.

Google Duo Instructions

Doximity Troubleshooting

How to enable your Camera and Microphone

In order to join your video call, you must grant your smartphone browser access to your camera and microphone. This happens during your first Dialer Video call, but in case you ignored the prompt, here are step-by-step PDFs.

The following directions may differ slightly from your phone depending on which operating system version you have.

Secure File Upload

When asked to do so you can upload files to us securely

Click the "Send Us a File" button below, fill in required info, select your file, and click Submit.